Son seduces his mother using a fake email account

Several months before graduating from high school my girlfriend and I broke up. My interests were science studies and I had got accepted to a local University. She was interested in the Arts and accepted a scholarship on the other side of the country. We both decided a distant relationship wasn’t going to work and decided to terminate it before we changed our minds and not pursue our field of interest.

She was a great looker and we’ve been steadily fucking since we both turned 18 in the fall. That kind of put me in a depressed mood from the time we broke up to graduation. She even gave me back the one thing she had really enjoyed from me. In one of her art projects she learned to cast rubber sculptures, one of them being a perfect cast of my dick. She did a near perfect job of it and had used it often when I wasn’t around, but she wanted a full break so she gave it to me when we split up. As bad as the breakup was, I wasn’t totally devastated. She was a great fuck, but I have lusted after my mother for years and during sex I usually fantasized it was my mother instead of her.

I decided I needed to buckle down on my studies since a lot of my time was previously devoted to my girlfriend and my grades were good, but not excellent. I also decided to enroll in a few on-line self paced college courses to get some electives out of the way so I could concentrate on core studies at the University. So now all my free time was devoted to studies which helped me forget about all the sex I previously enjoyed.


Our family schedule at home has been pretty consistent the last few years. My single mother would come home from work, fix dinner for the two of us, then we’d watch TV for one to two hours. Now I’d come home from school, finish up my schoolwork before mom arrived, hastily eat dinner, then spend less than an hour with mom before going to my room and work on the college work. I was spending a lot less time with mom and I was mostly distant in conversation with my head crammed full of assignments. It was stressful and it appeared to my mother that I was depressed.

I do love her immensely and didn’t want to chance harming that relationship. I could tell she’d noticed a difference in my mood since my break-up. She didn’t really know about my girlfriend so she didn’t know the reason for my initial depression. More than once she’d ask if anything was wrong and what she could do to cheer me up. I would’ve liked to tell her what would cheer me up but was afraid of the consequences so I refrained and provided short, softly spoken responses.

The day before graduation she came in my room while I was working on the computer and she asked “Honey, what are you going to wear for your graduation tomorrow? Do you need me to wash anything?”

I quickly replied “No thanks. I’m not going to attend the ceremony. I’d rather just stay here.” She looked visibly shaken and said “Oh dear, that’s a shame. Graduation is such a big event. You should attend and then go out on a date or something fun to celebrate.” I quickly retorted “No. I’ll be fine. Please just let me be.” I felt bad that I said it a little too harshly to the one person I truly loved. I could tell she was hurt when she turned and left the room before I could apologize to her. The real reason I wanted to stay home was that my college finals were the day after graduation and I wanted to do some last minute cramming. I didn’t bother mentioning that to mom because I was keeping it a surprise.

The day after graduation I finished all my on-line finals. I was mentally exhausted at that point. Several days of intense studying really got to me. Now I was free for the summer and it felt as if a great weight had been lifted. Being a healthy 18-year old boy I resorted to what I enjoyed most– masturbation. It was accomplished with the aid of one of many fantasies that involved coupling with mom. It took me less than 30 minutes to spew out a big load. Now that school was behind me my focus was entirely on sex.

At that moment I realized I had to come up with a plan to seduce my mom. It was all I could think of lately and it was driving me nuts. I hastily put together a seduction scheme but figured at some point something would blow up. She seemed more concerned than normal over my depression so I thought I’d use that angle.

Why the fascination with my mother? My mother is 34 and stunning. She had a high school pregnancy and she didn’t want to give me up. Her boyfriend wanted nothing to do with her once she was pregnant so she decided to devote the last 18 years to raising me and has not had any relationships.

She’s a very conservative dresser so I have not had an opportunity to see exactly what lies underneath, but what has been exposed is perfect. Her legs are long, very lean and sexy. She has shoulder length brunette hair which she usually wears tied up. She is not thin and not fat. She is very curvaceous and does not have an ounce of fat on her. She has a beautiful face and her smile and laugh is contagious and has often brought me into a good mood when I felt a little down.

She tends to wear dresses and suits that don’t show a lot of cleavage. She has a smallish body frame which makes her breasts appear larger than the 35-C bra I’ve masturbated to on more than one occasion. We don’t hug or kiss but otherwise she shows me a lot of love. I’ve fantasized about her a lot, but felt a sexual liaison was probably not feasible.

I made up a fake Email account, with a name of Dr Sue and proceeded with my seduction plan. It took me several drafts to finally come up with my initial contact to her.


I’d like to introduce myself and offer my services. I was an assistant counselor this last year at your son’s high school. I am no longer working at the school but I am offering my services to provide guidance to single-parent mothers and their sons – this is my specialty and I have had great success in absolving mother-son relationships. As the case with many sons of single-parent mothers, I have observed some signs that your son may have some issues and may be progressing on a less that positive relationship track . If you are interested in starting a dialogue, reply to this Email.

Thank you,

Dr. Sue

Now I just had to wait to see if she’d just ignore it or worse, contact the authorities if she suspected foul play. I continued my mopey behavior to try to convince her there might be some truth to the Email. I didn’t get a reply until the next day.

Dr. Sue,

I don’t recall my son mentioning you and I’m not even sure if you worked at the school so I’m a little leery of your email. I’d like to contact the school to confirm your employment. Would you have a referral you can give me? Also, what is the cost for this treatment?


I thought I might have blown it. I would have to be more careful with my next email. I would have to try to bring it down to a more personal level and gain her trust. I also had to soothe her fears that it was not a scam to get money since she brought up the cost. I wrote another email and sent it at 6 pm.


I did not personally interact with your son so he would not know me. I observed various students from the senior class often without any of them knowing I was conducting my research. I was working under a federal grant and I did not interact very often with school authorities. Their views did not coincide with mine as they were primarily concerned with just pushing students through. They thought the psychological welfare of their students was not their concern and believed I was wasting everyone’s time. I can tell you now I would not get a good referral from that school.

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